MIAPE: Gel Informatics is now available for Public Comment

PSI logo

PSI logo

The MIAPE: Gel Informatics module formalised by the Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI) now available for Public Comment on the PSI Web site. Typically alot of this information will be contained in the image analysis software, so we would especially encourage software vendors to review the document. The public
comment period enables the wider community to provide feedback on a proposed standard before it is formally accepted, and thus is an important step in the standardisation process.

This message is to encourage you to contribute to the standards development activity by commenting on the material that is available online. We invite both positive and negative comments. If negative comments are being made, these could be on the relevance, clarity, correctness, appropriateness, etc, of the proposal as a whole or of specific parts of the proposal.

If you do not feel well placed to comment on this document, but know someone who may be, please consider forwarding this request. There is no requirement that people commenting should have had any prior contact with the PSI.

If you have comments that you would like to make but would prefer not to make public, please email the PSI editor Norman Paton.


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