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One foot on the cloud

I am starting to realise that I am handing more and more applications over to the “cloud”. A term apparently coined by Google CEO Eric Schmid to describe web based applications and data storage. My cloud is currently composed of

  • my email and calendar application,
  • Bloglines ; to keep up to date with my favourite blogs,
  • Connotea ; for my reference library,
  • a personal wiki for general note taking,
  • Basecamp for project management, but I mostly use the to-do list feature.
  • My bookmarks are managed by a combination of Connotea, and Google browser sync
  • and of course this blog

I suppose the only thing left for day to day work would be the office tools. I have started looking at Google docs and I think it would be very useful for collaborative documents rather than 10 different commented versions of a documenting flying around via email.

An artical on Wired gives a lengthy summary of the “Internet Cloud”. I suppose the assumption is that a desktop PC will become a thing of the past, or rather just a tool to connect to your cloud, which I am warming to after having to re-install windows on my laptop, due to technical difficulties.