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Connotea: social bookmarking system for scientific literature

I have recently started using Connotea which is what they now describe as ” Free online reference management for clinicians and scientists”. I remember seeing a presentation on Connotea at the Data webs workshop I attended, (excellent day of talks and discussions), where Connotea was described as a “social bookmarking for scientists”. I wasn’t overly convinced to use it then and my initial perception was that it was for scientists, so why not use  On a more recent, closer look, I see they have re-branded (or re-advertised) and are concentrating on tagging publications and providing exports to various reference managers, particularly bibtex, my favourite. This feature has convinced me to give it a try and as I am writting my thesis at the moment and I am really putting it through its paces.

I am liking it so far and definately “Discovering” new resources based on my tags. Hopefully I will never need to ask the questions again “Where did I put that paper?” or “I knew I read a paper about ontologies but which one was it?”



Im still alive

Yes, I am still alive. My blog posting has taken a back seat these last few months as I wrestle with my thesis write-up. The whole write-up processes is progressing nicely with no major hiccups, although slightly slower than predicted. I am now located in my write-up retreat in Lausanne, Switzerland, although I hope my discussion chapter doesn’t become too neutral as a result.

I commented previously on Expo an ontology of scientific experiments. The Journal article for “An ontology of Scientific experiments” has just been published in the Journal of The Royal Society Interface. Several comments have developed on the NewScientistForum page concerning the article and have echoed my original comments. More comments on the article are posted on NodalPoint.

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