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One foot on the cloud

I am starting to realise that I am handing more and more applications over to the “cloud”. A term apparently coined by Google CEO Eric Schmid to describe web based applications and data storage. My cloud is currently composed of

  • my email and calendar application,
  • Bloglines ; to keep up to date with my favourite blogs,
  • Connotea ; for my reference library,
  • a personal wiki for general note taking,
  • Basecamp for project management, but I mostly use the to-do list feature.
  • My bookmarks are managed by a combination of Connotea, and Google browser sync
  • and of course this blog

I suppose the only thing left for day to day work would be the office tools. I have started looking at Google docs and I think it would be very useful for collaborative documents rather than 10 different commented versions of a documenting flying around via email.

An artical on Wired gives a lengthy summary of the “Internet Cloud”. I suppose the assumption is that a desktop PC will become a thing of the past, or rather just a tool to connect to your cloud, which I am warming to after having to re-install windows on my laptop, due to technical difficulties.




Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

I have downloaded the Beta 1 (v0.7) of the web browser Flock, to have a look and play with it. This very post has been used within Flock by simply right clicking over the web page and choosing the option “blog this”. So as I type this I am looking forward as to how it will appear. The news feed options are definately nicer than how firefox handles them. I currently use bloglines for subscribing to feeds so I will test out how. I have also used Google browser sync and I am really liking it, so I have to find a similar one for flock. Oh well back to playing with my new toy. I will let you know my future opinions

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Workstation fitness

After many years sitting in front of my computer my back has rounded my forehead points to my chest and my shoulders meet under my chin(s). Goog job this isnt a dating site, because I am not doing myself many favours! I have to do more to have a healthylife style while chained to my computer, other wise I might end up like this guy from Bristol who got DVT.

Well, now that I am sitting at my workstation with my flight socks on I might have a go with this application called workrave. It pops up reminders to tell you that you have been working too long and then provides some exercises to do while sitting at your workstation, although there may no be any chance that I am working lon enough to test it!

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