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CARMEN – A Scalable Science cloud

Paul Watson presents a talk on CARMEN a the Google Seattle Conference on Scalability.

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Proteomics Standards Initiative recommendations

Several new standard artefacts have progressed through the public consultation process of the PSI. They are the MIAPE Column Chromatography document and the Mass Spectrometer Markup Language Specification (mzML).

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CARMEN; Re-branded

carmen logo

We have gone through a bit of professional branding with a shiney new logo and some publicity material. The website has also been re-designed. The original drupal site was replaced with a Plone site, a decision I was not involved with. I am not sure I am a big fan of the big mug-shot which spills over the website template, the fact you have to scroll to the bottom of the front page to find out what the project is about is less than ideal. Feel free to comment


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