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Content, Syntax and Semantics

These are the slides I gave at a DCC workshop entitled, “Digital curation 101″ which aimed to give and overview of what to consider regarding data curation and management in the context of applying for research funding. The presentation starts with definitions of content syntax and semantics, and example of how these concepts are being applied in the life-sciences, specifically proteomics.

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e-Science pollution project makes local news

A colleague here in Newcastle, who sits about 10 meters away from me, (not making any claim what so ever I ever influenced her or her work) has appeared on the local news for her e-science project here at Newcastle. Apart from the fact, the web site tells me I should be using IE, and the fact that I can not embed the video in my blog – You can watch her interview and learn about Lakshmi’s project on a novel way to measure pollution.

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