Peanutbutter has been spread for the last time. Long live jam

Image by Rat Phlegm via Flickr

On looking at the date on my last post, shamefully I realised I have not posted for over a year. Most, well all, of my activity has been via twitter and FriendFeed. The reason for the lack of posts is also related to why I started bloging in the first place. I created this blog when I was a Phd student and maintained it while I was a postdoc to discuss work, ideas and problems. With my move to the biotech industry I was not able to post so freely on work related issues.

I have now moved from being in the biotech industry to the publishing industry (see About page) and I think I am in a position to blog a bit more freely than I have been previously. So with this in mind I have been doing some housekeeping. I have updated my about page accordingly. I have updated my publication page via referencing my Mendeley public profile, as opposed to referencing my CiteULike profile.

However, the main change is that I have retired the “peanutbutter” meme  (hence the title for this post) and replaced it with (the jam). Hopefully wordpress will work its magic and maintain the mapping for all the subscriptions, but just incase, if you want to, please update your feed subscriptions to

Maybe my top referring search term “is peanutbutter good for you health” will start to be replaced with more informatics relevant topics.

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  1. #1 by amrudrasingh143 on October 26, 2020 - 12:00 pm

    peanut butteris very good. this is very healthy option for awesome taste..onlypeanutbutter

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