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Big Up

Hey this is just note that fellow bioinformatician and apparently bon vivant (at first glance bon voyeur), geek and chappist, Dan Swan has spotted my blog, so he goes on the blog roll.

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Hello world!

Hello one and all! This is my inaugral post to my inaugral blog (stating the obvious I know). I probably have more productive things to do than to play about with blogs, specifically writting my thesis on "in silico modeling of proteomic data" (get the plug in), or more to the point, doing some work first so I actually have something to put in my thesis.

So maybe this blog will chart the pain of writing my chapters, getting them reviewed then re-writing, re-reviewed…..again….and again, then going back to my original version, argghhh!

Or maybe it will just be a place to put reviews/opinions of some of papers that I have been reading, or if I am really cheeky ones that I write myself 🙂

But most probably it will form the ramblings from the pressurised brain of a PhD student with a thesis to write correlated with a rapidly increasing overdraft a receeding hair line and a sudden realisation that I have to cram three years of work into three months 😦

Oh well lets see what happens……….

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